Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter is on it's way

Ever since I brought out all of our Easter decorations Connor has asked every day "Is it Easter yet??" This boy lives for holidays! We took the boys to see the Easter bunny today. Connor was VERY excited! He ran up waving and eagerly hopped in the bunny's lap. Carter on the other hand was very unsure of the whole thing and after we took the 4th picture of them with the concerned look on Carter's face, Carter started to fuss and wiggle out of the Easter Bunny's lap. Overall it was a good experience. Carter did not cry, Connor had a great visit and we got another picture to add to our collection. Connor even gave the Easter Bunny a big hug when we were walking away saying goodbye.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lions, Tigers and Bears...

After a rare cold and snowy winter, spring has finally arrived! With spring comes visits to the Fort Worth Zoo, our favorite place to hang out! Anyone that knows Connor, knows he is OBSESSED with animals.. of any kind!
Tuesday morning I asked Connor "Where do the lions, monkeys, tigers, elephants and snakes live". Looking at me puzzled he said "The jungle?" Realizing he wasn't catching on I said "Yes, but where else do they live?" He quickly responded "The ZOO!" Me "Want to go there today with Nana?" Connor with a HUGE smile, "YES! I am so excited!"
The weather was PERFECT! Not a cloud in he sky and in the 60's. We couldn't ask for a better day! On top of that, our zoo just opened the MOLA (museum of live art) reptile house, so we were excited to check it out! We have a set route we take every time we go, so off we went exploring the animals.

The turtle on the right had his back legs hanging off the rock the entire time we stood there waiting to see if he would move.

Nana and Carter in a cage... oh no wait, Connor and I were the ones in a cage!

Connor loves feeding the birds!

Carter just along for the ride.

Carter is still hanging out... wondering if he is ever going to be set free!

Connor and I touching the sea creatures.

When we arrived to the old reptile house Connor got a little upset that we weren't going in but once we explained that they built a new snake house for the snakes and lizards to live in he got very excited to see it and asked "Did they move them in jars?" We sure have a smarty on our hands! The rest of these pictures were all taken at the new MOLA!

Connor was very excited to have the opportunity to pet a snake!

One of the greats things about the trip was being able to eat lunch right next to the alligator tank! These were all taken from our table!

I'm free!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Diaper Cakes

So I have decided to venture out with my diaper cake making! I have been making them for 2 years for friends and after a good friend asked me to make one for her to use as a gift it sparked my interest in seeing who else wanted me to make them... so Diaper Cakes by Emily was started!
Check out my blog!
Emily's Diaper Cakes
I also put an ad on ebay!
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Next on my list is getting business cards!
I don't expect to make many cakes, but I sure enjoy making them when I can!
So next time you are invited to a baby shower or know someone that is expecting, please keep my adorable diaper cakes in mind!

Friday, March 5, 2010

First straw experience

Tonight we went out to dinner at a new restaurant that opened up in our neighborhood. We all had a great time, the boys were very well behaved. After Carter's sippy cup ended up on the floor, that kid loves to throw everything, I decided to see what he would do with Connor's cup of milk with a straw in it. I was not expecting much. I thought he would take a sip and be startled by the milk flowing in so fast and not be able to swallow in time. Boy was I wrong! He sucked down the rest of Connor's milk (half the cup) so fast and had the biggest smile the whole time doing it. He isn't a baby anymore!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Shopping cart fun

Grocery shopping with the boys is not an easy task and I usually try to do it when Connor is in school and I just have Carter with me. Connor always wants what Carter has and when it comes to grocery shopping, it is sitting at the front of the shopping cart. There is only one place that solves this problem and although we don't go often, when we do, both boys are happy! Sam's Club has the mega shopping carts and with those carts you get 2 seats! PERFECT! Just if I didn't have to buy everything in bulk, I would go all of the time!