Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow day!!!

After a beautiful weekend with temps in the upper 70's,  Mother Nature has decided to flip things around in 2 days and bring us temps as low as 5 and wind factor as low as -3! Connor asked all morning to go play in the snow, so we layered up (3 layers to be exact) and went out for a little fun. Carter lasted 5 minutes once the ice got in his gloves and Connor had to be begged in!

Carter is 2!!!

Where has the time gone?? How can my little baby be 2?? Carter sure has turned into a little man in the last 2 years. He is a shy guy out in public but becomes a spunky little man, cracking us up and following his big brother all day. He loves to give hugs and snuggle up with us during the day but also loves to run around being all kinds of animals or a train. He is such a joy and I enjoy seeing him grow and learn every day. I always love hearing the new words that come out of his mouth.
Carter got to start off his big day with a star donut!

The end to a perfect day!