Friday, February 26, 2010


For the last 2 weeks we have been sharing yucky germs! It started with Connor having a bad cough, which led to Carter having 2 ear infections and is currently with me having an annoying cough which comes after having a throat infection. We hope this crud is on it's way out. We are going stir crazy over here!
Here is a cute picture I got of the boys this week. Even when they don't feel their best, they are adorable!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Day 2

DFW reached a record of 12 1/2 inches of snow!! This is insane! I measured 8 inches in our backyard.

We decided to venture out in it again and this time Carter got to join in the fun.

He thought it was pretty exciting, until he touched it!

Right after he realized it was cold, he burst out crying and wanted nothing to do with the snow!
Connor built a snow man! He even picked out what to use for the eyes, nose, mouth and buttons (licorice, goldfish and wagon wheel snacks)

Then he realized that the snowman did not have any arms, so our trees made a small sacrifice.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

This snow is CRAZY!

I can not believe how much snow we have seen this winter! I think this is our 4th snow storm and boy is it coming down this time! It started at 4am (I was up with a sick baby) and now at 4:30 pm, it has not stopped! Connor was begging to go out and play in the snow all morning, so I bundled him up (in what I could find since we never have this weather!) and out he went.

He found a truck!

Look how thick the snow is on our patio furniture!

He decided to throw himself down in the snow and make a snow angel!

After running around in knee high snow for 15 minutes he ran right inside saying it was freezing! He is my son after all!

Dare Devil

Tuesday evening I was in the kitchen getting ready for dinner. Carter was at my feet as usual but all of a sudden I realized he wasn't pulling my leg anymore. I turned to find him climbing up onto the kitchen chair. I went to catch him only to watch in amazement as he then climbed up onto the kitchen table! He was SO proud of himself, even stood up on the table. I can not take my eye off that boy for one second now! Connor was never this adventurous, so I am in for a new ride with Carter!

Girl's trip!

Every year my mom and aunt take a quick little getaway to Fredericksburg. Every year I hear about how much fun they have and this time I said, "I want to come!" I LOVE Fredericksburg, TX! I have been more times than I can count! Not only did I go there as a little girl, a teenage girl, my mom and I took a trip in my early 20's but Joseph and I have also enjoyed taking a couple little romantic getaways to this wonderful town and even took Connor with my parents when he was 9 months old. We LOVE Fredericksburg! So I was really excited about taking this girl's trip with them and seeing just exactly what they do. They have a set routine they do every time and I couldn't wait to do it with them. We left EARLY Friday morning (5:30am!) and on our way stopped to see an amazing sight! This is a Bald Eagles nest with 2 babies inside. See the Momma standing guard in the top right corner.

We arrived in FBurg just in time for a morning brunch at Rather Sweet. Best bakery ever! After our yummy brunch we ventured out for a little shopping before getting our B&B key. The cottage we rented was 202 Guesthouse, CUTEST B&B yet (and we have stayed at many!).

We were VERY impressed with every little detail the owners provided. Each room was unique yet inviting. We could not have asked for a better place to stay!

After relaxing at the house for awhile we headed to The Brewery for a yummy dinner. We walked it off after by window shopping and walking through an art gallery.

Saturday we stuck to their routine and had an early lunch at the Herb Farm. They have a wonderful Sangria!! From there we ventured over to Becker Vineyards where we admired the scenery and smelled the lavendar soaps. From there it was back to town for some serious shopping. Since we have been coming to FBurg for years, we know exactly which shops to go in and which to skip! At 6 we had reservations at the Hilltop Cafe. We enjoyed a yummy dinner and some live music before heading back to our wonderful B&B.
Sunday we had to say goodbye to our wonderful home away from home and head back to our boys. It was a MUCH needed getaway from reality, I had a GREAT time and I look forward to the next trip there.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Family celebration

After our 1st birthday bash with the Eppers, we came home for our family celebration. Both of our parents came over, we ordered pizza, had cake and enjoyed watching the boys open and play with all of Carter's new gifts. Everyone got to watch Carter's walking abilities and how far he has come. Connor got to enjoy all of the new toys he says he is going to "share with Baby Carter".

After all of the cake and icing, Carter outlasted all of us and didn't fall asleep until midnight!!

Carter and Gavin turn 1

Our great friends, the Eppers, have a little man, Gavin, that is just 2 days older than Carter. Since half of our guest lists included the same people, we decided to have a joint b-day party for the boys. Planning the 1 year old's party was not easy when we were inviting a bunch of older children. After much debate and even plan A falling through, we ended up renting Jump for Fun in Southlake. Yes, we know the boys can't even walk well but we really wanted something that would keep the older kids entertained. A great time was had by all. The boys had no clue they were the center of attention but were very well behaved! The best part about having the party at Jump for Fun was that we didn't have to clean up after!
The boys are ready to party!

The Birthday Boys!