Sunday, September 6, 2009

Carter is mobile!

Carter has been rolling himself all over the place for weeks but now he is starting to figure out that he can scoot, army crawl or just drag his legs all over the room to get to whatever he has eyed, which is usually something dangerous! His favorite "toys" have been the lap top, mommy's pump, any electrical wires and the entertainment cabinets and yes, he can open those! So up in the attic we went and got down the play yard to keep this little guy confined in. At first he was not too happy until big brother showed him how to play with all of the new toys we also got down from the attic. Now he sits in there entertaining himself until he realizes everyone else is on the other side. Luckily Connor has found a new bond with his old toys and plays with Carter while he is in the play yard.
Here is the little man in his new cage, um, I mean play yard!

We know we are just days away from him getting a good crawl down. If he could just coordinate his legs and arms to move at the same time!

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