Friday, January 29, 2010

Carter is 1!!

I can't believe I just typed that Carter is 1! This past year has gone by SO fast! Seems like just yesterday I was making the decision whether to continue the hard, painful labor or give in to a c-section.... the choice was easy after all I had been through! We have been through so much this past year welcoming Carter to our family and watching him grow into the cute little toddler he is becoming. We have had our bumpy patches with him crying for hours at night the first couple months to not sleeping through the night until just a month ago (even that is still a work in progress) but through it all we are so blessed to have him. We love his smiles and giggles and the way he lights up when Connor enters the room. We love hearing Mama or Dada, even when it is just babbling to his toys. He is such a joy and we have loved every moment we have had with him and can't wait to see what the future brings for our baby Carter.
Happy Birthday Carter!

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