Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Connor's trip

For a couple of weeks Connor has been talking about his trip. He originally said "he wanted to go to a forest and mommy needed to buy a sleeping bag." Luckily I changed his mind about the sleeping bag part and got him excited about staying in a hotel and seeing dinosaurs and feeding animals. The forecast called for rain the entire weekend we planned this, so there was a lot of praying going on that it would be a successful trip. Overall it was great! Connor had a great time and is looking forward to going back.
After spending the night at the Holiday Inn, we woke up to rain but luckily there was a small window where we were able to fit everything in. Our first stop was Dinosaur World where there are over 100 life size models of dinosaurs. Connor had a blast!

After trying to pronounce all of the dinosaur names, we headed to Fossil Rim where you get to drive around an animal preserve and feed the animals. We really enjoyed feeding the giraffe's!!

Carter freaked out every time an animal approached our car.

Carter was so excited about eating some chips!

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