Monday, February 16, 2009

Carter and Gavin meet

We had the joy of introducing Carter to his first buddy, Gavin, yesterday. Gavin's mommy, Stacy, and I have had the joy of being pregnant together with both of our kids. Connor and Liliana have been great playmates through the years and we look forward to Carter and Gavin doing the same.
Stacy and I have grown a close bond during this last pregnancy. We both suffered the loss of a miscarriage and the joy of becoming pregnant again, just 10 days apart! I will never forget the overwhelming joy I had when I called to tell her I was pregnant again and her reply was "Me Too!". From there our journey together began. At every get together we compared of growing bellies and I joked during our pregnancies that we will probably both be in the hospital together giving birth just days apart, and it happened!

On January 27th, Stacy went into the hospital for her induction and on January 29th I had mine. The crazy part is that we both had to end up with c-sections and Gavin was born at 1:14pm and Carter was born at 1:10pm. Stacy was the first person I called after my c-section and she and I have been there to help support each other since. It is awesome having a close friend going through exactly the same things I am at the same time. Now we get the amazing pleasure of watching not only our first born grow up together but our second as well.

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