Saturday, December 26, 2009

Carter's first Christmas

The outfit Carter is wearing is the same one Connor wore his first Christmas!
I will have to say that this Christmas has been the best BY FAR! Connor totally understood who Santa was, how he got here by sleigh and reindeer, comes down the chimney and leaves presents after eating a couple cookies. Christmas morning he came running in at 7:30 telling us everything Santa had left for him and Carter under the tree. Connor got to "help" open Carter's gifts as well and I think Connor liked Carter's gifts just as much as his own. We really enjoyed seeing the joy in both of the boys eyes as they played with each new gift. Here are a few pictures from that wonderful day.

After all of Santa's gifts were opened and cleared, my parents and Uncle Neil came over for a big meal and more gift exchanging. Connor idolizes his Uncle Neil, so he was in heaven having him over.

"What do I do with all of these gifts??"

One gift Connor has been asking to have for 4 months now was a Dragon Castle (Imaginex). Nana told me she got it for him in September and it has been the #1 gift on his list when anyone asks what he wants for Christmas. He even told Santa he wanted it and we later told him that Nana called Santa and told him that she wanted to give it to him so he wouldn't be disappointed Christmas morning. He knew exactly which gift it was and saved it for last to open. He was beyond excited!

Both boys passed out way before their bed times. They both had such an exciting day!

We hope everyone had as joyous of a Christmas as we did. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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