Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas time is here

Every day Connor asks "Is it Christmas time?" We always respond with "Yes it is!" and he gets so excited and asks where his presents are. We then have to explain that Santa is not coming for X number of days. Luckily the number keeps shrinking so he is starting to get it a little better. Yesterday we decided to start a tradition and let Connor decorate a gingerbread house. This year we bought the pre-made kind so he could just get straight to adding the candy. I spread the icing where he told me to and off to work he went.

Not bad for his first gingerbread house!

A couple Christmas's ago my mom gave Connor a bear that tells the entire story of The Night Before Christmas. When I unpacked it from the box I turned it on for the boys to see. The bear turns his head back and forth while telling the story. Carter was completely mesmerized and sat listening to it through the entire story!

No Christmas would be complete without playing in a box!

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